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Michigan's 7th Congressional District consists of the counties of Clinton, Eaton, Ingham, Livingston, Shiawassee, and portions of Oakland and Genessee. The 7th Congressional District Republican Committee is represented by Dan Wholihan (Chair), Ron Poth (Vice Chair), Paula Caltrider (Secretary) and Mari-Ann Henry (Treasurer). The Committee is focused on working hard into 2024 to return a Republican to Congress in DC and in the Michigan offices covered by this 7th district. We welcome your assistance, comments and suggestions,  and of course, your donations.


t7th CDRC Chair Dan Wholihan

From the MI7thCDRC Chair, Dan Wholihan

Facebook Post on 11/2/23

Bottom line. The 2018, 2020, and 2022 lasting elections and actions leading up to them have consequences. It is what lead to the late term baby killing votes last night. It will take a long process to protect life.

2018 blue wave - Pot on the ballot drove up turnout. It cost Tom Leonard his race for AG. Benson was barely challenged for Sec of State and consultant games killed us there. Schuette didn't get the help he needed. The Redistricting Commission was on the ballot and one of the worst pieces of ballot legislation there was (obliterating municipal lines, county lines, etc). Promote the vote? Same day registration. That all passed. The legislature should have had alternatives ready - especially for the redistricting commission (putting county lines first).

2020 - Michigan has paper ballots. All the machines talk is a rabbit hole by grifters. I repeat. Grifters. Yes, there's fraud in every election (harvesting, Benson's AV mailings), but ANY machine "fraud" can be caught in recounts if they aren't caught in canvassing. Trump should have called for a recount statewide to get himself standing for a strong contest. He didn't. The eyes were on Detroit which had less votes than 2016. The eyes weren't on Ann Arbor and those areas where I expect a lot more problems.

2021 - The redistricting commission did what we all knew they would do. The consultants took over and we got the monstrosity gerrymander we have today in many areas.

2022 - The blue wave occurred for a combination of things. New districts. Poor preparation on abortion. Trump fatigue by many. Trump supporters staying home. Poor tactics on absentees. Too many bad candidates. Too many temper tantrums from those wounded by their candidate not winning the primary (ALL wings of the party). The main opposition to Prop 3 was one of the worst campaigns I've ever seen. The small group I was a part of that targeted Jackson County with less than $50,000 was more effective than the $10M monstrosity of "too confusing too extreme." The new "promote the vote" monstrosity passed making 2024 a challenge we need to be ready for.

So what are we going to do about it?

This is LONG term. We are in a long term hole and it take a long term to dig our state out.

In other news....

In other news:

We had our Friendraiser Euchre Night on Oct 20 at Tony M's. It was our 3rd annual Euchre event. We had a great time!  Played cards, got to know some newer members, and the pizza and salad kept coming! We did raise a few dollars all while having a great time. We hope to see more of you there next time! 

We still have openings on some committees. You do not have to be an executive board member to serve on a subcommittee. The Communications Committee is truly looking for someone who knows Google Sites Website updating and Mailchimp email blast formats. Please let  Paula Caltrider or Mari-Ann Henry know if you are interested caltriderp@yahoo.com or mariannhenry@yahoo.com

Our next 7th District Meeting will be in   

Friday, Dec 1, 2023

at 7:00pm by Zoom. If you want a link to the meeting, just let Dan or Mari-Ann know. 

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Tom Barrett Is In It To Win!

Tom has been busy campaigning, meeting and greeting over this vast district. Find out where you can next catch Tom to support his run for the 7th District Congressman here. Watch his latest commercial on his website! tombarrettforcongress.com/